Defense Internet NOTAM Service
(Last updated October, 2015)

Welcome to the Defense Internet NOTAM Service (DINS). This web application was designed by the U.S. Department of Defense to support DoD air crew users with the latest NOTAM information via the internet, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week.

This service is made available through the DoD/FAA USNOF and is primarily for DoD aviators and other authorized users. Although information presented within the U.S. NOTAM system is considered to be available for general public consumption, this web site is not designed for server level connections or screen scraping. This is the only official source of NOTAMs for DoD and other authorized users.

United States NOTAM Office disclaims foreign NOTAM accuracy or completeness. Aircrews are highly encouraged to check host nation sources for supplementary NOTAM information.

The United States NOTAM Office and the DoD NOTAM Division DO NOT MONITOR, CREATE, and EDIT, OR OTHERWISE ALTER information submitted to the U.S. NOTAM database. It is the sole responsibility of the DINS client to ensure that all data entered is complete, timely, and relevant. Any comments, questions, complaints, or suggestions should be referred to the originating station.

Using current web browsers, such as those from Microsoft or Netscape, users can retrieve real time NOTAM data for domestic, international and military NOTAMs, and Flight Data Centers (FDC) Notices active within the U.S. NOTAM database. DINS many capabilities include, NOTAMs by locations, hot buttons that retrieve customized NOTAM searches, graphical airfield NOTAMs, graphical temporary flight restrictions, flight path search, in addition to helpful tools when searching for valid ICAO and Q-code combinations. For more information on DINS capabilities please refer to the DINS training guide accessible from the DINS Home page. These documents can be viewed using your browser or downloaded to your PC for viewing or printing at a later time.

Aircrews using DINS will no longer need to consult FLIP to determine if a location has NOTAM support. DINS will provide a plain language notice, highlighted in red, that the requested location is not covered by the U.S. NOTAM System. When this occurs, you must contact the requested location to receive NOTAM information.

DINS allows users to request NOTAM information in either Raw Text or Report Text format. Raw Text is the international machine-readable ICAO format with multiple report fields, NOTAM series, and NOTAM numbers displayed. Report Text is the translated NOTAM summary format, which aircrews may find desirable. Report Text format will also insert a blank line between each NOTAM to improve readability.

Built into the DINS architecture is server redundancy. Alternate locations are established in the event the primary DINS web site is down due to a hardware failure or when not accessible from the military communication circuits (NIPRNET). The DINS secondary location is Although the site ends in FAA.GOV, it is identical to the primary DINS web site and is maintained by the DoD.

Currently, the DoD has Air Force, Army and Navy military NOTAM coordinators who are co-located with the FAA NOTAM specialists at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) in Warrenton, Virginia. If you experience problems with this site or have questions, comments, or suggestions please contact a military NOTAM coordinator.

This web site is not designed for server level connections or screen scraping. Users seeking an automated method for obtaining NOTAMs may contact for information regarding Aeronautical Information Data Access Portal (AIDAP), an XML data feed for NOTAM and Weather information. To register for AIDAP, please access the FAA Data Registry at